Patient Reviews | Anaheim CA


…If you are looking for an oral surgeon I would most definitely recommend Dr. Le and his staff. Nothing but a professional and friendly environment. 

Thank you Dr. Le and Staff!                                                                              

Ashley H., Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Le is warm, friendly and professional without sounding technical. He was on our list for insurance provider and I chose him because of YELP positive reviews. Thanks YELP!
I only do reviews if it is helpful to families.
Nice, clean, updated office.
Staff is efficient and courteous, very detailed about financial obligations so you don’t have any surprises.
Great pre and post surgical instructions and yes! Dr. Le will call to check on you after your surgery & you can reach him for emergencies.
PS He is from UCLA and UCSF.
Thanks Pacifica!!!                                                                                                                     

Jill A, Orange County, CA


Dr. Le and his entire staff were very professional.  My 6 yr old daughter was referred here for a supernumerary (extra teeth) extraction.  Like any worrying mother, I was nervous about the procedure especially when it required her to be put to sleep.  But Dr Le was very thorough in his consultation and explained in detail what he planned to do.  He gave me a feeling of reassurance that he is knowledgeable in providing me with the best solution with minimal impact to my daughter.

Loan N, Westminster, CA


Oral surgery is nothing anyone truly desires to have, but if it’s ever warranted, I highly recommend Dr. Le and his team at Pacifica.  Modern facility, and well-trained staff made the experience of wisdom tooth extraction quick and painless.  Appointment and follow-up were on-time.  So many medical appointments seem to have so little concern for the time of the patients, but this was not the case here.  The best term I can use for this experience is simply PROFESSIONAL!

Well done!

Kent B, Cypress, CA


   “Dr. Le is the best! When I saw him in 2014 for a dental implant, I was really anxious. I had a bad experience and lots of pain with two previous dental implant procedures at another practice, so I was wary about going through it again. I told Dr. Le my story and he was great from start to finish. His qualifications and experience gave me confidence. He is both a DDS and an MD, very unusual. He is also kind and gentle and understanding. He did a great job on my implant and there was no pain with the procedure. 

So, a year later when my other two implants became loose, I turned to Dr. Le for help. The dentist and periodontist who did my old implants were no longer around to tell me what implant system they used more than a decade ago. I even emailed the original dentist and explained my problem (the old implants were okay, but the abutment/screws had failed), asked him to identify the system he used, but he never responded. I thought it was a lost cause until one day Dr. Le called me out of the blue and told me that he had consulted two dental implant manufacturing experts, showed them my X-rays and both had identified the same implant system. Dr. Le told me that he had already ordered the abutment screws so he could fix my problem, and they had arrived. I was completely blown away.

I have never had a doctor go out of his way like that for me before. Dr. Le is a great oral surgeon and a great human being. He has a wonderful staff, too. Highly, highly recommend Pacifica Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to anyone” 

Howard E., Westminster, CA


  “I had a great experience with Dr. Le and his staff. They were incredibly professional and friendly, which made me feel very comfortable. My wisdom tooth extraction process was quick and painless. I would definitely recommend Dr. Le”.

Petrus N., Riverside, CA

March 20, 2015                                                                                                                       5stars

  “Dr. Le is very gentle and explains everything thoroughly.   I had my wisdom removed and it was quick with no pain”.

Amy M., Garden Grove, CA

January 19, 2015                                                                                                                    5stars

  “I can’t say enough great things about this place. I am a complete wuss when it comes to anything involving blood. I still cry when I get my shots (bring on the judgments) and knowing that I had to get my wisdom teeth removed gave me anxiety for weeks. However, the whole experience was a breeze. Not once was I nervous or scared. The doctor and his staff was quick and professional. It was over in a blink of an eye. My gums healed tremendously fast and I had no complications. Dr. Le occasionally calls to check up on you and he’s available for you to call if you need anything. The office is very clean and spacious and the equipment all looked brand new. All in all, the experience was great. This is where I’ll be going from now on if I need oral surgery, but let’s hope I won’t need it”.

Sarina T., Costa Mesa, CA

June 25, 2015                                                                                                                         5stars

  “My previous experience was not from here.  I don’t remember it. All I remember was pain.
Dr. Le and his staff here are very kind and friendly. They speak at least English, Vietnamese and Spanish. Dr. Le gave me two options for oral surgery: local anesthesia or IV sedation.  Because I still felt pain last time I had my 2 wisdom teeth removed with other oral surgeon, I chose IV sedation.
The twilight path pretty much puts you in a state where you dream as they operate. The IV took effect about a minute after. The last thing I remembered was counting down from 10 to 1…
Then I woke up. They told me that the surgery is all over.
DR Dr. Le is very good at wisdom teeth removal. 11/10 would recommend going here if you need wisdom teeth removal with IV anesthesia.
Thanks Dr. Le for making the second wisdom teeth removal better than the first”!

Daniel B., Garden Grove, CA

December 11, 2014                                                                                                               5stars  

  “Dr. Le was kind and gentle. He made me feel relaxed and my supposedly painful procedure turned out to be a breeze. If you ever need any types oral surgery procedures done, this is the place to go. I highly recommend it”.

Daniel H. Irvine, CA

December 13, 2014                                                                                                                5stars

  “Dr. Le and his staff are wonderful! I had a comprehensive exam done before my scheduled wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Le made sure that I was very comfortable with the procedure before it was carried out.  It was a lot better than I expected! The pain and swelling was minimal and my gum healed really quickly! Overall, my experience was excellent and I highly recommend Dr. Le for all of your oral and maxillofacial surgeries”!

Nancy T., Garden Grove, CA

October 12, 2013                                                                                                                   5stars

  “I was so nervous to get my wisdom teeth out, especially being put under General anesthesia. But this dentist who is also a medical doctor is amazing! I felt extremely comfortable and even had to call post opt a few times and he was always available to me. I highly recommend this place to everyone!!! Especially those who have anxiety about the dentist or in general, this is the place to go”!

Annie S., Anaheim, CA